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Avocados From Mexico to skip 2024 Super Bowl for Cure Bowl

November 1, 2023 | Reality Marketing Group

Avocados From Mexico to skip 2024 Super Bowl for Cure Bowl

Avocados From Mexico, a regular Super Bowl advertiser for almost a decade, is “skipping the 2024 game as it puts more of a focus on college football,” according to Tim Nudd of AD AGE. The company has “aired spots in eight of the past nine Super Bowls.” It is partnering with the CFP this year and “also will be the title sponsor of the Cure Bowl” — an annual college bowl game that raises money for cancer research. The marketer unveiled new advertising from Lerma/ this month, “leaning into its recognizable jingle.” Those spots are “running during college football telecasts” and “will air on the Cure Bowl as well.” Avocados From Mexico President & CEO Alvaro Luque said that sponsoring the Cure Bowl “makes sense for several reasons.” First, the brand has “embraced health and wellness as a pillar of its strategy,” and the Cure Bowl is “a health-forward game.” Second, 74% of avocado buyers “are female” — and the Cure Bowl “draws many women viewers, due to its focus on breast cancer research.” Luque: “It’s a great way of celebrating football with a good cause that will support our No. 1 consumer” (AD AGE, 10/27).

Full article: HERE, Distributed in the Orlando Business Journal